Tali is not going to school today!

Tali's Mom is beginning  to get concerned.  Tali has recurrent stomach aches causing Tali to say home from school and her mom to miss another day of work.    Doctors can't identify the cause because there are  no physical symptom.  

Tali recently confided in a friend that she is embarrassed to go to school in the same worn-out t-shirt and skirt that doesn't quite fit her anymore and isn't even warm enough now that winter has arrived and the days are getting colder.  It is just easier to pretend to be sick rather than face another day of teasing, not to mention the freezing rain.

Imagine if you could warm up  Tali and give her and her little sister, Orli ,all the clothes they need to go to school, go to shul on Shabbat and even go to their cousin's wedding?

You can!

For every $25 that you donate, you can send a box of basic clothing essentials to Tali and hundreds of other families like hers who just don't have enough proper winter clothing.

Click the donate button above to send clothing to a Yad Leah Thift Store and allow Tali to shop for everything she needs so she can walk proudly and confidently into school.

Yad Leah’s Mission:

Yad Leah builds confidence and brings joy to hundreds of families in Israel by providing them with warm, comfortable new and gently-used clothing.

Join us this winter.  Together, we can help our brothers and sisters stay warm with pride and dignity.


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